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Terms of Reading...

Terms of Reading
Due to increasing audiences, and consequential horrification of certain people, I will now post a Terms of Reading message. If you do not agree with any of these terms, please leave NOW.

This journal is designed and is meant to be a place where I decide to store thoughts of any nature. They could be happy, they could be depressive, they could be offensive. Essentially, they will be politically incorrect at best. If you are easily offended, please leave NOW.

Now, if you happen to be someone I know, you also have to agree to these terms. (So it should also go without saying that if I don't know you, you'd better agree or leave.) If you want to add me as a friend, please be informed of the following:

1. all material that you read here is to be strictly between you, this and me.

2. any revelation of this material is subject to violent, legal, and/or otherwise unpleasant action

3. any revelation is also subject to a holy curse from the heavens

4. disagreement with views is subject to comment, but flames are not allowed.

5. entries are subject to privatization at any time.

6. this is designed to allow me to vent.

7. entries can be subject to editing/deletion.

8. unless you are the person in question (specifically mentioned) or it directly concerns you, do not ask me about anything that is mentioned here, for it is probably none of your business. I will be the judge of whether it is your buiness or not.

9. you are not allowed to use any information posted here as a reason to hurt someome that i know or love, or i will personally come over with a shotgun and shoot you in the kneecaps and elbows

10. if you take an entry personally, then consider the following:

  • a. you need to be aware of a problem
  • b. we may need to talk.
  • c. I may have already discussed issues with you, but you're too brickheaded to understand
  • d. it was something temporary

11. Should you run to other people with an issue WITHOUT first resolving with me, and you are on the friend's list, you are subject to removal from the list.

12. "Friends" list is subject to update.

13. This agreement is subject to change at any time. This agreement is also retroactive.

14. LJ cuts may be used to designate highly sensitve/volitile materials. If you click, don't bitch. Disclaimers will be in the link.

15. No anonymous comments allowed. GET YOUR OWN FUCKING LJ!

16. Being on my friends list is easy. Add me, I add you. Remove me, I remove you. Couldn't be simplier. Oh, do announce who you are in the comment of this entry, especially if you leave very few clues on the nature of your identity in your LJ.

17. Oh yeah...friends only:

Thank you
The management.
Last updated 11/20/05

PS Any use of this ToR must notify the owner of this journal and link it to LJ user evilianly
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